Corona came and paralyzed our activities. Our planned meeting in Aachen had to be cancelled and our sewing club too. The situation was completely different: No contacts were allowed and in Europe there was more a "one-nation situation" than a "common-sense" situation. We felt the lockdown crossing the border as a step backwards. Therefore we wanted to carry out a new action within the framework of our projects or planned projects and called it:
Europe needs a vision: not alone, but together.

So we thought about common interests in the current situation we all suffered from a lot. The result were face coverings that we all needed and that we wanted to make as a part of our sewing club. How was that supposed to work?we wanted to sew face masks together across national borders, and exchange the photos afterwards.
The solution was Adobe Connect. Thanks to Erasmus, we had a meeting room that worked. We invited our partner schools to our weekly sewing event. First we sewed masks, and in the end we sewed a beach bag. Due to the opening of the schools in some cpuntries, only a few students were able to participate online. 
Even if not all of them sewed, they were there and exchanged ideas about the different situations. We learned how difficult it was to get funny fabrics, how difficult the lock down was in Turin and what problems students had who are facing difficulties concerning digital equipment and finally how all the masks looked like. We recorded all this in the padlet and Mr. Derichs from WDR Lokalzeit Aachen in his film.
The sewing brought us closer and showed us that the consequences were completely different in the countries and that Corona deepens social differences. It has also brought us closer together (we have sent fabric to the Ukrainian schools) and led to the fact that we want to continue the sewing club in this form from autumn: live and online with partner schools.


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