Weekly virtual exchange


The corona virus influences our daily life enormously and the lockdown policies have paralysed our activities.
Our scheduled/intended meeting in Aachen had to be cancelled being a major problem for us.
In search of a solution we decided to install “Adobe Connect”, to exchange virtually instead of having a real encounter.
We started our weekly meetings in early May. The meetings were not always trouble-free. Some students were not available, others had no suitable devices at hand because of their parents` home office. Consequently, the online meetings, organized by our German school, had different participants mainly.
That is why we decided not only to invite our partner schools but also other partners to our weekly online sessions. Not every participant was part of our sewing project. But in addition, students and teachers had the opportunity not only to sew but also to exchange views, to discuss plans for the future and to talk about the corona virus and its effects.
The virtual exchange took place with several European schools in Italy, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Finland, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.
Even though the organization was partly difficult, it was a great success for all partners interested in the subject and is intended to be continued beyond the project time.

More about these meetings in the film: QR Code or Link

"Virtual student exchange"

Currently we are setting up a project group “virtual student exchange”. We would like to realize small learning units on different topics. We are looking forward to hearing from other schools being interested. The participation of partner countries can also be selective. In this project it is desired that each school also acts as “provider” and thus passes on knowledge etc.
Contact via: eTwinning: Members: Uta Steinel-Schrenk


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Robot AV1


Our new Robot, called Charlie, permits students with a long-term sickness to still take part in the lessons, that else they would miss. 

We are also networked through the working group "Teaching children with long-term illnesses" and are considering possibilities of realization. We are also working on ideas that could be effective when schools do not have possibility to purchase a telepresence robot. It is a cost factor that should not be underestimated.
This working group is open for affected and interested people.

Contact via: Steinel-Schrenk@inda-gymnasium.de or eTwinning


The Robot is made by the norway-based company "No Isolation".
By using the App, the student is able to express emotions that are shown in the eyes of the robot. He can show that he wants to say something. The robot shows that by beeping quietly and a blinking light on the head. Using a speaker in the robot, the student can take part in class.
The robot includes well in class and sits right next to the other students on his own place. The battery of the robot lasts a day and needs to recharge after school is over.