First Meeting

Petäjävesi: 2nd of October till 10th of October 2017

Netiquette, Data protection, E-learning, ICT-skills

Second Meeting

Rozwienica: 23rd of April till 27th of April 2018

Better Internet: Cyberbullying, ICT-skills: Ebook, Audiobook, Performance

Third Meeting

Torino: 12th of November till 16th of November 2018

Making Television, producing videos, filming, editing

Fourth Meeting

Katerini: 5th of March till 9th of March 2019

Creating of Moodle Units: Digital Access, Digital Commerce, Digital Literacy, Digital Law

Fifth Meeting

Bol: 23rd of September till 27th of September 2019

Digital Tools, E-learning, ICT-skills, Communication training

Sixth Meeting

Aachen: planned for May 2020 but had to be cancelled because of Corona

instead of our meeting we organized diffirent and regularly virtual exchanges: 

Not Alone - but  together: we sew breathing masks, we discussed, we learned from each other