Our theatre project

intended to show a play about our subject: the situation of an individual in the digital world. The experiences of the work in groups ended in this play the pupils developed by themselves. The modality was body theatre, nearly mime, a convenient way to express without language the situation of youths in our digital society.
The play is showing in different scenes normal life in mass society. The individual is forced to hide his emotions, to hide his self. The person is feeling bad, looking for help- the others don't want to be disturbed in their daily life, they want him to adapt to perform his social role. So the person collapses. The pupils show the different ways youths deal with such a fall of an individual. Only very few are affected and shocked.
The second part is a variation of the first. This time the stress is laid on the social masks of the individuals, on control and regulation (by internet and other social instances). The individual gets conspicuous if it wants to be itself.
The pupils were enthusiastic in planning and execution of the play. It created many possibilities for communication and cooperation.