Erasmus Day 2020

Online meetings, virtual exchange

Tags: Culture & heritage, Solidarity

Three schools from Aachen and also partner schools from different countries were together live and also online and we were creating different things:
- sewing beanies (colors of the European flag)
- collecting recipes to create a cooking book with "Recipes we love"
Because we were on holiday the 15th till 17th of October, we had our ErasmusDay the 27th of October

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Corona was a chock but also a common work

Erasmus Day 2018-2019

Safer Internet Day SID 



Safer Internet Day 2018 at Inda-Gymnasium

The film was a contribution to the digiyou competition NRW

Digital competence becomes more and more important for students because our society is based on technical communication, on network activities especially in professional development and the use of skills in the world of work. Not knowing how to use social media and digital skills can be followed by social exclusion.  So we have to teach our students how to use them but also to make them aware of the problems and the risks we are confronted with. I created a teaching unit, offered the material from BIK and the students created a presentation for the school community. They researched into risks and worked on the different challenges they face: time spent on using mobile devices, fake news, sexting, cyberbullying…. They created pin walls to show the results to the other students and to inform them. These pin walls were presented in the school hall and shown to other classes and other teachers. Parents were also invited. In order to make our results and presentations available and to learn more about digital skills, we made a 360° film.

 There is information from Klick Safe, hotline numbers, information about the risks, the challenges and information where to get help and also the film “Teddy Cam“. So we can show it and explain the content in our assemblies. Students can also scan the QR code and watch the interactive 3D film on their smartphones. 

We created the film and we published it Common license. Everybody can use it by mentioning by the name of our school . It is not allowed to modify.


Safer Internet Day in Srednja skola Bol

Safer Internet Day
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SID 2019

Safer Internet Day at Szkoła Podstawowa im. Orląt Lwowskich w Roźwienicy

Safer Internet Day-1
Safer Internet Day-3
Safer Internet Day-2

Safer Internet Day at Petäjäveden yläaste


Erasmus Day Rozwienica


Intercultural learning:

The students portrayed everyday situations in different languages.

Erasmus Day 2019
Erasmus Day 2019 (3)
Erasmus Day 2019 (2)

"Europäischer Wettbewerb"

All of us have participated

Europäischer Wettbewerb