Meeting in Poland

We arrived in Poland at Friday night. On Saturday we visited the city of  Krakow. On Sunday we first went to a salt mine in Wieliczka, which was more than 130 meters deep. After the visit in the mine, which took two and a half hours, we took the bus to our host families in Rozwienica.

The next day school started at 8:45 am. First we took a walk around the school and then we started working in our groups for an eBook, an audiobook or a theatre play. In the afternoon we went to a Bowling station.

On tuesday we were at school and at one o'clock we took the bus to Jaroslaw.There we had the Underground-Tourist-Route and afterwards we had a QR-Code-Rallye through Jaroslaw. In the late afternoon, we went back to school and to our host families.

On Wednesday we made a Drama Workshop and worked at the working groups. On Thursday we took the bus to Rzeszow to visit the local Radio station and the local TV station. When we finished these tours trough those stations, we took the bus to Markowa for a Museum of Polish, who saved Jews in World War II.

On Friday we finished our work in the working sessions and presented them to the other students. After the presentations, we had to say "goodbye" to the other countries, because they started the journey back home. On Saturday morning we took the bus back to Krakow and also left Poland.