The Inda-Gymnasium and its area


The Inda-Gymnasium is a grammar school in Kornelimünster, a part of Aachen. Our students are coming daily from Kornelimünster and other towns around to school.

1200 students are taught in different subjects. In addition to German, maths or English or subsidiary subjects like art, biology or geography, there are also special subjects. An example for a special subject is the optional subject JIA, junior engineer academy, where the creative thinking is asked. In the lessons the students have to build a car with a mousetrap drive or a 3D-model on the computer which can be print out with our equipping. The school has a big equipment of musical instruments and in the sciences it is also replete with material.

The area around Aachen and Kornelimünster

The area around the Inda-Gymnasium is mainly a landscape which is interrupted by small towns.